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How to Find an Auto Mechanic You Can Trust

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When you need real work to be done on one of your most precious investments, your car, you will need the help of the best mechanic. This is especially true if you don’t want to be stressed out worrying about what could be the most expensive thing to repair.

Fortunately, there are trusted mechanics out there who have the experience and skill to take some stress out of needed repairs.

But, you should know where to look and what to look for, so you don’t get shoddy work for an outrageous price. We gathered information on how to find reliable car mechanics that you can trust.

1. Find a Shop For Your Brand of Car

If you require repairs for a specific model, you can look for an auto shop that specializes in the specific repair that you need.

When there are issues with the system that is exclusive to the making of your car, bringing it to a dealership can be the best choice.

The most common problems that are exclusive to models of cars include:

  • Electronics
  • Navigation
  • Multi-function control system

2. Ask Your Family and Friends

To find trustworthy mechanics, you can talk to your neighbors, colleagues or co-workers, and other family members about where they go and how their experience of getting their car fixed, and their experience with the mechanic.

Take note of those who have been loyal to the services of a mechanic. It is most likely that the mechanic does quality service time and time again. You can also consider asking individuals who have a similar vehicle as yours.

3. Search the Internet

There are many platforms on the internet where you can search for reliable car mechanics who can fix your vehicle. Consider checking local mechanics listed at online directories:

  • Angie’s List (requires a subscription),
  • Consumer Reports car repair estimator (free for subscribers of Consumer Reports)
  • (free)

4. Check for Certification

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One of the keys to finding a good repair shop is to make sure that the shop is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence or ASE. An ASE certification means that the mechanics in the shop learned and displayed a mastery of automotive repair through a long and rigorous process.

This is a certificate that is re-tested every five years. It ensures that the mechanic has kept his or her skill and knowledge sharp and has kept up with new car technology. Your mechanic should have an updated ASE certificate.

5. Check the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a marketplace for trustworthy businesses. It maintains standards for truthful advertising, investigating, and exposing fraud against consumers and businesses. You can access its directory of businesses at no cost.

They also provide a list of shops that receive complaints from customers, so you should know which shops to avoid. So, if you are looking for trustworthy mechanics, you can check automotive shops that are listed on BBB.

6. Give the Shop a Tryout

Don’t look for a reliable mechanic when your car is already hooked to a tow truck, because you might be pressured to go to the shop the tow truck driver recommends. You will not be assured of the quality of work that your vehicle will get.

You don’t have to wait for major problems to occur before you start looking for a trusted mechanic. Try getting your vehicle fixed when it needs little repairs, so you get a feel for how the mechanics do their job.

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If you are satisfied with how they do routine repairs like oil change, you can move on to having the mechanics work on bigger issues. See if their workmanship, professionalism, and price are worth it.

7. Ask About Warranties

One of the important items in how to find a good repair shop with trusted mechanics is to know the guarantees that the shop gives on vehicle repairs that they do. Different shops give different warranties, so make sure that you know the deal on warranties that the shop gives for the repair/s that you require.

Ask the shop ahead of time and make sure that they let you understand what is covered. It would also be wise to get the warranty coverage in writing.

Remember that the Federal Trade Commission stated that there is no “standard warranty” on repairs. The warranty on your vehicle repair may be subject to limitations (ex. time and mileage).

8. Make Sure the Shop is Convenient

Save time and money by looking for a mechanic that works in a shop near you or your workplace. The best shop may not be worth it if you will have to commute a certain distance affecting your schedule.

Also, choose a shop that has hours that do not conflict with your time to go check on the repairs that they do or, in case, they need you for a consultation.

9. The Latest Equipment

Auto mechanic Tools- NOLA Automotive Repairs

Even the most trustworthy mechanics cannot do their job best without the equipment needed, especially if you own a car with the latest model.

Most cars today work like advanced computers and reliable mechanics should have the latest diagnostic equipment or tools to repair your vehicle. It won’t hurt for you to ask questions on how they do their work and the equipment they use.

10. Ask Questions

The best mechanics will be patient, answering whatever questions you may have regarding repairs required by your vehicle.

A reliable mechanic will give you details on what is wrong with your vehicle and information in layperson’s terms that you will need to understand. Otherwise, if the mechanic has an attitude, drive on to another shop that has trustworthy, knowledgeable mechanics that can be patient with your questions.

Bottom line: Finding a Fair, Reputable, and Well-Trained Mechanic

You probably spend more time on your vehicle when you are on a vacation or weekend trip. Finding a trusted mechanic will ensure that your vehicle is ready to handle the trip without overcharging you.

Even on ordinary days when your vehicle requires repairs, these keys to finding an auto mechanic you can trust can save you time and money.

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