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What is Brake Fade?

What is Brake Fade?

Brake fade is a sudden or temporary reduction of the brake power. You may be driving and notice that your car doesn't stop immediately upon applying brakes. If you notice that the car stops after applying brakes, but not as quickly as you expect, that might be a brake fade. However, other factors, such as hydraulic or mechanical problems, can reduce the brake power. So, inspect the brake system and confirm the problem before concluding it's a brake fade. What Causes Brake Fade? The car brake system works by converting kinetic energy into heat energy. That's why the pads and rotors produce heat every time the car brakes are applied. If you are unfamiliar with the information, pass your hand near the brake rotors after driving the car for a long distance. You will notice the rotors are hot. On the other hand, kinetic energy often rises with the square of velocity. So, braking at higher speeds or when the vehicle is loaded can overwork the system, thus generating excessive ... read more

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