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The Cooling System - Components, Function, and Maintenance

The Cooling System - Components, Function, and Maintenance

As you navigate through the twists and turns of life, your car's engine works tirelessly beneath the hood, generating heat and power to keep you moving forward. Let's shine a spotlight on the part of your car that doesn't get enough recognition - the cooling system. It's the component that ensures your engine doesn't overheat, keeping your journeys smooth and worry-free. Components of The Cooling SystemRadiator At the heart of the cooling system is the radiator, a heat exchanger that plays a central role in dissipating the excess heat generated by the engine. As the coolant circulates through the engine, it absorbs heat and flows into the radiator, where it releases that heat into the air, cooling down before returning to repeat the process. Coolant Typically a mixture of water and antifreeze, coolant not only absorbs and transfers heat but also prevents freezing in cold temperatures and protects the engine fr ... read more

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