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How Often Do You Need To Go To A Reliable Car Service In New Orleans, LA?

Affordable Car service new orleans - NOLA Automotive Repairs

Affordable Car service new orleans - NOLA Automotive Repairs

If you are like most car owners, you always want to do what’s right for your car.

Servicing is an integral part of caring for your car. Regular servicing will help keep your car running smoothly and helps in identifying potential problems early on, thus reducing the risk of more costly and serious problems in the future, and the risk of breakdown.

If you are in New Orleans, book your car service with NOLA Automotive Repairs. You can reach us at 504-608-5061. In the meantime, you can use the quick guide below to learn more about the proper way to service your vehicle, how often you should service your car, and the types of car service available.

The Best Times to Have Your Vehicle Serviced

If you ask most people about how often cars should be serviced, almost all will tell you to refer to the owner’s manual for the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule. However, the vast majority of car owners never take time to read an understand the manual. While it is a good idea to empower yourself by reviewing the manual and familiarizing yourself with service requirements, it is worth noting that they can be downright confusing.

Manufacturers generally recommend having vehicles serviced every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever comes first. Some (modern) cars come equipped with a self-diagnostic system that advises when a car service is due. Drivers are advised never to ignore such warnings even if they occur before the 12,000 miles or the 12-month period has lapsed.

To simplify it, here is a guide of what should be serviced and when that should suit the vast majority of cars.

Every 12,000 Miles or 12 Months (Whichever Comes First): Oil Filter, Engine Oil.

Every 25,000 Miles or 24 Months: Air filter, A/C Cabin Filter, Coolant Flush, Spark Plugs, Differential Oil, Brakes, Brake Fluid, Wheel and Tire Alignment, Transmission Service (Manual).

Every 35,000 to 50,000 Miles or 36 to 48 Months:Transmission Service (Automatic), Fuel Filter, Battery

Every 50,000 to 75,000 Miles or 48 to 72 Months: Wiper Rubbers, Water Pump & Timing Belt, Platinum Spark Plugs, Clutch (Manual).

Every 75,000 Miles or 72 Months: Shock Absorbers

How to Tell When Your Car Needs Different Types of Servicing

While you can and should consult the owner’s manual for most of the maintenance checks, knowing what to look for on your own can give you a better idea of whether or not you need to take your car for servicing.

Oil Changes

You have probably heard that it is advisable to change your vehicle’s oil every 12,000 miles, but that’s just a rule of thumb, and most people actually have a hard time remembering when that is. That’s the reason why you need to learn how to check the oil yourself.

To do this, pull out the dipstick, and then run it along with your fingers. If you find the oil to be transparent, then you are good to go. However, if it is murky and dark, it can be a good idea to get a change in the near future.

Fluid Checking

All car owners should know how to check their fluid levels. Most dipsticks show the optimal levels of the fluids, so as long as you are comfortable with refilling the right fluid, you should not have a problem undertaking this maintenance check /task yourself.

Tire Rotation

The owner’s manual will tell you how often the tires should be realigned/rotated. However, you can always check it yourself to find out if there is a problem. If you notice any uneven wear on the tires, it is advisable to take your car to a reputable repair shop for realignment. Not only with that help you save on gas, but it will also improve your safety.

It is also important to check the tire pressure. Having underinflated tires on your car can decrease handling and hurts fuel economy. This is particularly important to check during winter when the roads are slippery and you need all the grip that you can get.

Safety Check

The safety check is one vehicle servicing task that’s best left to the professionals. Depending on how often you drive, you should take your car every 6 months, so that a professional mechanic can ensure that your tires, brakes, steering, and lights are in optimal working condition. Obviously, if you do notice any problems by yourself, it means that you need to take your car to get checked out without delay.


It is a check that many car owners often forget to do, but it is one of the most effective and easiest. You will know that it is time to change your wiper blades once the windshield becomes streaky with the wipers on. Being able to see the road ahead clearly is important, so don’t neglect this.


It is often hard for car owners to remember either how many miles ago or how long ago the car was serviced. Fortunately, you can download some apps on your smartphone to take away the guesswork. While you should not rely solely on the phone, it can give you a good estimate of when you need to get it checked.

Why Is New Orleans Car Service Important?

Car service New Orleans is important since it ensures that your car is always in optimal condition and ready to go wherever you want. Here are a few benefits of taking your car to a reputable car repair service New Orleans, LA.

Regular Maintenance

Servicing your car involves carrying out essential checks to its core components to ensure that they run properly as well as identifying the need for replacement fluids or parts. Typical checks include the suspension and braking system to ensure that these important parts don’t let you down when you need them the most.

Part deterioration typically happens gradually, which means that regular servicing is actually more important on high mileage vehicles. Servicing helps identify problems before they actually happen, thus giving you enough time to think about the best approach to fix the problem and how to finance it.

Maintaining Value

If you are selling your car privately, the secondhand car market can be incredibly competitive with buyers expecting and demanding more for their money. A car with evidence of regular servicing or a full-service history is more likely to attract buyers and a higher selling price too.

Cost Savings

Regular servicing can help you save money on fuel. Regularly changed oil filters and refreshed oil allow the engine to run more smoothly and be more fuel efficient. Failing to service your vehicle increases its odds of breaking down, which can be inconvenient and costly if you subsequently have to use public transport or hire cars while your car us being fixed.

Where Should I Service My Car?

If you are in New Orleans, LA and bought your car from a main dealer, you are not obligated to return there for service, as long as the service meets the recommendations set by the manufacturer and uses parts approved by the manufacturer. Always ensure that you keep your car’s service schedule up to date so that you have proof of regular maintenance either for warranty purposes or when you are selling it.

NOLA Automotive Repairs is your trusted name when it comes to all kinds of car repairs, maintenance, and service in New Orleans, LA. We have a reliable team of reliable mechanics and all the right tools, which means that your vehicle is always in safe hands. If you want to schedule an appointment, call us today at 504-608-5061.

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