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How Long Can You Drive on a Tire Patch?

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Tires are one of the main components of a car. It connects the vehicle with the road surface enabling motion.

A flat tire or tire puncture is the most frequent tire issue encountered.

Regardless of when and where you experience a flat tire, it’s among the most inconvenient and frustrating incidences that can occur while you’re driving.
And even worse, it will result in you losing time and money to resolve the issue.

Why Your Tires Lose Air

There are various reasons why your tire may be losing air.

  • You hit something on the road that resulted in a puncture and air started leaking out gradually.
  • Driving with too low or too low much pressure. And more often, the damage won’t be perceptible from the tire’s exterior.

Driving with Low Pressure Tires is Dangerous

When a tire is driven with low pressure, it will destroy the inside of the tire.

If not repaired properly, it could pose a threat to your life since the tire can potentially blow out while on the road and cause an accident.

Having a flat tire emergency? It’s high time to get a patch repair service that should be done regularly. It can help save you a lot of time and money.

What’s a Tire Patch Repair?

Patching is a technique of fixing a punctured or flat tire by closing the hole in the rubber tire with a patch.

To close the punctured tire rubber, the conventional formula will entail you finding the rupture and wash it with soapy water.

Or, you can submerge it inside water and check for effervescence.

  • The punctured or cut part is prepared with a cleaning solution and buffing toll or scraper to get it ready for bonding with the patch.
  • A vulcanizing cement will then be smeared over the tire’s inner liner and under the patch.
  • Place the patch over the punctured area and stitch around it.
  • Alternatively, you can use a sealant to roll and cover the patch before you mount the tire on the rim.
  • If the tire has been patched correctly, you can safely drive for a relatively long period. You should note that even if a patch may be stronger compared to a plug, it won’t function nearly as well when applied on the sidewall or adjacent areas.
  • A patch repair is recommended when the puncture angle is larger than 25 degrees.

Is It Safe To Drive on a Patched Tire?

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As compared to having a flat tire, a patched tire repair is better and safer.

There are no safety concerns with a well-patched tire, and is actually the best way to handle flat tires.

It is safe to drive on a patched tire regardless of how rugged or rocky the road gets.

But if you regularly speed on the highways, it would be best to have the tire(s) replaced.

It’s safe to drive on a patched tire as long as you adhere to the recommended speed limit.

You can do the patch yourself. Just ensure that you have followed the repair kit manufacturer’s and tire recommendations and directions.

Or, you can have it professionally repaired at a professional such as NOLA Automotive Repairs for a tire repair service.

Can You Drive Long Distance with a Patched Tire?

A quality patch kit that has been installed properly as per the instructions of the manufacturer, by either a professional or yourself can last for the longevity of the tire.

The patched tire can be driven for the same distance(s) as before it got damaged to begin with.

With this premise, you’ll be able to drive long distances with a patched tire.

How Long Can You Drive On a Patch?

The duration you’ll be able to drive on a patch is contingent on the number of times the tire was patched.

Automotive professionals advise that you shouldn’t do a patch repair on a single tire over three times or when the cut has overlapped with another repair.

A tire patch system that has been installed properly can hold air pressure for the entirety of the tire’s lifespan.

Is a Patched Tire As Good As New?

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If a skilled and experienced person does the patching job, you can expect to perform like the original tire and even outlive its life expectancy.

If installed properly, the patch won’t come loose and will operate as good as a new tire.

Don’t Drive on a Patched Tire

Patching will give your tire a new lease of life and will save you money since new tires are costly.

To eliminate the uncertainty of doing shoddy work and potentially putting yourself and other road users in danger, it’s best to have the patch repair job done by a licensed tire shop. Contact us today and we’ll help you with your tire problem right away!

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