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Frequently Asked Questions About Full Auto Repair Service

full auto repair service

Most of us who own a car use it almost daily, and we give it the best care we can. We keep it clean inside and out, and we regularly check its tires, oil, and other fluids.

One thing we often forego though is the full auto repair service.

We often get asked a lot of questions about it, so in this post, let’s discuss the frequently asked ones.

FAQ 1: What are the benefits of having a full service repair for my car?

One thing we often get asked is the necessity of having a full service repair and why it’s needed.

The answer is always a resounding yes — it is necessary.

Here are some reasons why.

  • It could save your life.

Having a full service repair ensures that the vehicle is safe to use and that all its parts are functioning perfectly. It prevents car breakdowns.

  • It is an investment.

Auto care may seem like an unnecessary expense to some, but it’s not. It helps detect minor problems early on and can prevent further damage that will eventually cost a lot of money.

For example, if a car isn’t tuned up at the recommended intervals written in its manual, it might cause long-term damage on the ignition, which will cost a huge amount of money to repair. A well-maintained car will also guarantee a longer lifespan.

  • Third parties will check its history.

Having a good service history will be beneficial in selling the car or claiming insurance.

FAQ 2: What does a full service repair for my car include?

full repair

Full service repair is a comprehensive check that aims to guarantee a car’s optimum performance.

It is important to note that it is different for each and every vehicle and is dependent on a car’s age, make, and model.

Here is, however, a list of the most common services that come with a full service repair:

  • Checking of throttle operation, battery, lights, steering wheel, air conditioning system, gears, brakes, and tires
  • Checking of fluids, including oil and filter change
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tune up

Get a quote from reliable mechanics for a complete auto care. It usually doesn’t include the new parts or fluids yet.

FAQ 3: Is it the same as an interim service or a major service?

No, a full auto repair service is different from an interim service and a major service. Read on for a definition of what each one is.

  • Interim service is a check of a car’s moving parts such as the brakes and the steering wheel, plus the oil.
  • Full auto repair service is a detailed, more comprehensive check of more parts. It is like an interim service but with about 30 more automobile checks, in more areas like air conditioning systems, wheel bearings, and pollen filters.
  • Major service does all the checks that a full auto repair service does, but in more detail. It also includes the replacement of parts that are prone to wear and tear, such as spark plugs and fuel filters.

FAQ 4: How long does it take?

A full auto repair service does up to 30 different automotive checks compared to an interim service. Auto repair shops usually take 2 hours for an interim service and 3 hours for a full auto repair service.

However, it usually takes longer to check a car that has missed several service checks for a while and those that have a lot of unkempt wear and tear.

FAQ 5: How often should it be done?

Even if a vehicle only travels a few miles a day, it is still recommended to get a full auto repair service once a year.

These few miles a day add up to many miles a week, and even more as months pass by. We don’t see it, but these miles add to a car’s depreciation and its parts’ damages.

It’s best to make sure that our cars are always capable of optimum performance because as mentioned earlier, these service checks save lives and money in the long run.

FAQ 6: Is there such a thing such as a DIY full auto repair service?

Full auto repair

There are so many auto repair tasks that car owners and enthusiasts can do on their own, like changing some parts or fixing minor dents, but a full auto repair service is not one of them.

It’s easier to maintain the condition of newer cars, but it can only be done properly with the right tools, equipment, and experience.

Trust only reliable mechanics for a full auto repair service. Attempting a DIY version might cause a car more damage than good.

Get A Full Auto Repair Service Now!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to avail of a full auto repair service annually — it prolongs a car’s lifespan, adds value for reselling and insurance, guarantees a car’s optimum performance, and ultimately saves money and lives.

Give us a call to get a quotation for a complete auto repair now to see and feel the difference.

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