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10 Emergency Car Tools that You Need to Add in Your Kit

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Inconveniences are an inevitable part of our lives, especially car troubles.

Nobody knows when your car will start encountering problems. But it does not mean that we would have to grin and bear it all the time.

Preparing and assembling your own car repair kit using reliable car tools is easy!

Why Do You Need To Have Your Own Car Emergency Kit?

You might be thinking, “Well, I always bring my car to my mechanic for maintenance, so I don’t have to worry about that.”

Emergencies are emergencies because no one expects them to happen right? This is true for a lot of things, not only for cars.

So might as well prepare for things that can happen like flat tires, minor repairs, and accidents. There is not always an auto repair shop near you and help might take a while before it can finally arrive.

Having car tools accessible at any time is better than regretting you did not have anything in your car. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Ultimate Car Emergency Kit

We have looked right into automotive mechanic toolboxes for you and have chosen tools that will be important for all kinds of car trouble.

Before reaching out to grab one for yourself, make sure you know how to use them as well. Learning basic guidelines about your tool is key!

car tool kit

Car Jumper Kit

Losing battery power is a common problem that car owners and drivers experience.

Bringing a spare battery for your car is not a practice that a lot of people do but you can bring a car jumper kit instead.

Your battery needs to have at least 12 volts of power to keep your car running. Look for a car jumper kit that can supply that needed 12 volts for your car.

There are even compact jumpers you can store in your glove compartment!

Jumper Cables

Having a good pair of jumper cables can also save your dead battery. If there is another working car that can help you jumpstart your car, a jumper cable will come in handy.

Since not all jumper cables are the same, look for one that fits your car’s strength and size. Make sure that your cables will also fit your battery.

You can find good and quality jumper cables from any auto parts store.

Seatbelt Cutter

A seatbelt cutter is a tool that might seem a little excessive but keeping one will come in handy.

Seatbelts can get stuck, whether in an accident or even when you yank too hard because you are in a hurry.

A regular knife will not cut it because of the special material that the seat belt has.

The seat belt cutter got its name because of this special purpose. Many seat belt cutters also double as window breakers for emergencies.


Wrenches are a staple in all for all kinds of car repairs. You should make sure your car kit has the right kinds of wrenches.

Since a lot of car parts use a mix of standard and metric nuts and bolts, you should get a set of wrenches that follows both.

Look for quality wrenches that would last for years, like ones made of chrome-vanadium.

You look for different kinds such as:

  • Socket wrenches
  • Combination wrenches
  • Torque wrenches
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Oil filter wrenches


You probably have one lying around in your house toolbox already. Pliers are also invaluable tools for your emergency car kit.

The most common kind of pliers is the needle-nose pliers because you can use them for the smallest bolts.

You can also get a combination of slip-joint pliers that are easy to adjust for whatever size you will need. There are multi-pliers available that have built-in tools like wire cutter and others.


A lot of problems can arise with your car when one thing is not in the right level.

These include air, fluid, oil, or pressure. Having one or two gauge tools can help you know if your car is at the right level.

You have indicators in your car that can alert you if something is off. The following are some common gauges you will need:

  • Tire pressure gauges
  • Compression gauges


Car troubles are hard already but having them during the night is even more difficult.

Having a trusty flashlight (aside from the one in your phone!) will help ease finding and fixing the problem.

That is not the only benefit of having a flashlight. You can also use it to light the way while walking and even as a signal to call for help.

Make sure to also store batteries so you can replace old ones.

Auto Hammer

Aside from using it to bash stuck car windows, you will also need a hammer to straighten a bent part. If something is stuck, giving it the right force can help it loosen.

Ratchet and Socket Set

Taking care of bad tires and replacing them with a new one can become easier with the right ratchet and socket set.

Most cars come with a spare tire and tools, but they would not be long-lasting. Buy your own ratchet and socket set for convenience.

Since there would be different sizes of lugs, choose a socket set with a lot of socket pieces. Look for sockets with both metric and standard sizes

car tool kit

Tire Inflator

If you are not confident about your tire-changing skills, get tire inflation instead. This can help you patch your tire enough so you can bring it to the nearest auto repair shop.

Start Adding Your Tools

Assembling the best car emergency kit should not be a hard thing to do. Your car should also come with an owner’s manual so you better know what tools are important.

Having a regular check-up and maintenance can help prevent car problems and mishaps.

A toolkit for a car is better than nothing at all. Look for a trustworthy mechanic and auto repair shop that will take care of all your auto care needs.

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