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4 Warning Signs of Car Steering Problems

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Car steering problems can become hazardous for drivers, passengers, and other people on the road.

Using the steering wheel of our cars should be a straightforward affair, yet problems with the system can make things complicated.

When a driver loses control of their vehicle’s steering, dangerous accidents are bound to occur.

This can result in damage to property, severe injuries, and even death.

Common Car Steering Problems

Fortunately, the power steering problems symptoms normally provide plenty of warning for drivers.

These warnings will continue to persist so long as the problem remains unresolved.

The following are the loose steering wheel symptoms drivers should be aware of: 

  • The steering wheel sticks slightly when turning. Particularly noticeable during rest or lower speeds, this symptom could be a result of a problem with power steering, a fluid leak, low power steering fluid, or even worn-out parts. These power steering problem symptoms make the car difficult to control when needed. s


  • The steering feels light and loose. This problem may be caused by faulty parts that are worn within the steering system. Steering wheel problems when turning can make it hard for anyone to drive to their destination. Loose steering wheel symptoms should be a major sign to bring the vehicle to a mechanic.


  • The steering wheel vibrates or shakes. Experiencing vibrations and shaking are common car steering problems in vehicles with issues in their steering system. Severe shaking can make it hard to control any vehicle, increasing the likelihood of road accidents happening.


  • Problems with tracking or drifting. Vehicles that tend to veer left or right despite the wheel being in a neutral position are one sign of car steering problems. Another reason for this could be because of the tie rods or strut bearings. One sign of this problem is when noise can be heard when turning the steering wheel.


Causes of Steering Problems in Car

The causes of steering system problems can be associated with a range of issues such as design defects, manufacturing defects, lack of maintenance, improper repair, and defective parts.

The following are a few examples of the common causes that result in steering problems.


Low Power Steering Fluid

One of the most common reasons that lead to stiff steering wheels is when vehicles have low power steering fluid left in their systems.

This often happens when the system starts to leak from its pressurized hose area. Oftentimes, it is a loose or cracked hose that causes the fluid to leak out.


Damaged Power Steering Belt

Another common cause for stiff steering wheels is when the serpentine belt is broken or loose.

When this happens, drivers can feel that the power steering system starts to become inactive.

Most components that are part of the system will also stop operating, such as the air conditioner and the alternator.

Over time, the material of the steering belt will wear out and has to be replaced.

If neglected, the belt can become loose and will start to fail, potentially causing damage to other components.


Power Steering Pump Failure

The structure of the power steering pump can last for many miles. However, under rare situations, it can fail even before it reaches its limit.

Prior to total failure, drivers will start hearing power steering noise, particularly when making a sharp turn.

It is always a good idea to have an expert mechanic check the power steering pump at the first sign of this kind of problem.


Steering Rack is Faulty

One of the most important components of the power steering system is its steering rack.

This is also the part that makes up the rack and pinion setup.

Extensive use of the vehicle eventually results in the steering rack wearing out together with its power steering system.

Noticing that the steering wheel becomes difficult to turn could be a sign that the steering rack of the vehicle is faulty.


Below are some other causes of steering problems in vehicles:

  • Broken or defective stabilizers
  • Damage to the rims
  • Damage to the tires
  • Defective or damaged control arms
  • Defective suspension bushings
  • Defective wheel assembly
  • Electrical shorts or malfunctions
  • Fluid leaks
  • Tie rod damage
  • Poor alignment


Car Steering Problems Can Lead to Accidents

The main sources that control a vehicle are its acceleration, braking, and steering system.

Damage to any of these components will compromise the ability of a driver to navigate safely on the road.

Furthermore, a lack of response, loss of power steering, or severe shaking can make it hard for even veteran drivers to control their vehicle when making steering wheel adjustments.Car internal drive crashed - NOLA Automotive Repairs

Greater impact can be expected when a vehicle with steering problems is moving at higher speeds.

Even a minor change in direction can make a huge difference.

Experiencing steering problems while driving at high speeds makes it also harder for people to drive defensively to avoid accidents.

Another dangerous situation is when the driver has to turn corners. Vehicles that do not turn far enough can result in going off the road or onto incoming traffic.

Head-on collisions are quite prevalent for vehicles with steering problems.



Car steering problems are a huge problem that should be taken seriously.

The reason for this is because such issues can easily become dangerous when left alone.

That is why hiring an experienced auto repair mechanic is important as these experts can get down to the root of the problem immediately.

At NOLA Automotive Repairs, we have licensed and trained car mechanics who can diagnose and fix your car steering problems.

Our team has been servicing residents within New Orleans for almost two decades, and we continue to be a leading auto repair shop in the city.

We pride ourselves in providing all of our customers with quality service while taking care of each vehicle brought into our shop like one of our own.

Our mechanics have certifications that encompass engine repair, manual drive trains and axles, electrical systems, and more.

Visit our auto shop today, and let our experienced mechanics have a look at your vehicle.

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