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Wheel Alignment Services in New Orleans – We’ll Keep You Headed in the Right Direction

Do you struggle to stay in your lane while driving down the freeway? Are your tires squealing like a whining child whenever you make a turn?

If your tires and steering are causing you problems or concern, it may be time to consider the professional wheel alignment services offered by our reliable New Orleans auto shop. At NOLA Automotive Repairs, our team of talented automotive mechanics have provided world class wheel alignment services for years.

Talk with one of our mechanics today for more information on our wheel alignment options, and how we can help get you back on the road quickly and affordably.

Local Front End Wheel Alignment

Even if you’ve been careful when driving, your wheel alignment can become jarred simply from cruising through our local New Orleans streets.

Common Issues that Might Cause Misalignment Include:
  • Bumping into a curb
  • Hitting a pothole
  • Taking turns too abruptly or quickly
  • Sudden stopping
  • Abrupt impact or accidents
  • And more…

Wheel alignment can also be affected by air pressure, especially during seasonal temperature changes. Additionally, carrying excessive weight in your car can offset the wheel alignment and result in issues with steering and pulling.

But tire alignment doesn’t just address steering issues. If your car is displaying symptoms consistent with wheel alignment issues, you may also be experiencing poor fuel economy and generating excessive wear-and-tear on your tires, rotors and more without even realizing it.

Keeping your wheels aligned protects your car and keeps it in good condition. If you think you might be in need of our services, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our fast and friendly staff are ready and waiting to take your call for wheel alignment.

How do I know my tires aren’t aligned?

Your tire alignment doesn’t have an alert light like your “check engine” or “empty gas” light. As such, it can be difficult for vehicle owners such as yourself to discern whether their alignment is off. The following are a few things you can keep an eye out for that may indicate you have alignment issues.

Wheel alignment symptoms may include:

Fighting with your steering

Car wheel alignment problems can manifest in different ways, but they all cause trouble with steering. Some drivers note their steering wheel feels “loose,” while others’ vehicles start “pulling” toward one side or another. If your steering feels strange or uneven, come see us for a wheel alignment in New Orleans check at our reliable tire shop.

Tires wearing unevenly

Look at your tires. Are they starting to look shredded, or worn on only one side? Both of these issues can be caused by improper alignment (as well as other car issues) and should be examined by a competent technician.

Vibration or rough drives

Your car should keep you safe and comfortable, delivering a smooth, vibration-free ride. If you notice shaking, vibration or a rougher than usual ride, you may need to have your wheel alignment inspected.

What if I don’t get my tires aligned?

It’s critical to come in as soon as you notice your steering is off. Unreliable steering is a safety issue as well as one that can cause further damage to your car.

In addition, misalignment decreases your tires’ traction on the road by causing uneven wear-and-tear. This lack of traction is dangerous during our New Orleans rains. Even in dry seasons, tires that can’t grip the road will require more fuel to turn, forcing your car to burn more gas.

Wheel alignment may be an unexpected cost in your budget, but it will save you money in the long term.


NOLA Automotive Repairs is known for our professional, trustworthy and fast and affordable services.

Below, we’ve listed a few factors that make our front end alignment stand out among the competition in NOLA:

  • Reliable service

We’ve been providing wheel alignment in the NOLA area for years. Our clients include residential drivers and commercial fleets – who need a reliable mechanic for their business to succeed.

  • Strong reputation

Our shop is trusted by local businesses and professionals to get the job done right. Over the years we’ve helped countless individuals and boast hundreds of positive online reviews from happy customers.

  • Competent and certified mechanics

The mechanics at NOLA Automotive Services aren’t just properly trained and experienced: they’re certified, in areas such as engine repair, electronics, and more.

  • Professional repair you can trust

We won’t charge you for “mystery repairs” or unnecessarily markup your bill. Instead, we’ll honestly tell you what’s wrong with your car, which repairs you need, and why – so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Ready for an alignment check? Ask about our wheel alignment coupons for your tire alignment at our location! See also our low cost tire repair in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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