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Nothing is more dangerous than having a tire blow out as you are traveling along the highway or roadways. Tire failure can mean loss of control as the vehicle swerves both left and right and loss of the ability to safely navigate the vehicle to a stop.

Attempting to travel on three wheels is both problematic and dangerous to attempt, and driving on a spare “doughnut” tire can only get you so far.

Whether you need a tire repaired, or a new set of tires altogether, stop by NOLA Automotive Repairs today. Our skilled team of automotive experts in New Orleans will ensure that your car’s tires are safe and secure so that you can resume your travels without worry or hesitation.

  • We have been serving New Orleans, Louisiana for over 19 years with more than just tire repairs–we do maintenance, overheating repair, transmission, steering, and brake systems.
  • Our mechanics are professionals who have experience in various automotive services ranging from diagnosis to component system repair/replacement.
  • It’s our duty to ensure that all of our customers’ vehicles are as good as new, from inside to outside.
  • Our tire repair services allow smooth driving for any type of vehicle.

Tire Repair Near Me — When Can a Tire Be Fixed VS. Replaced?

Every car needs a proper set of functioning tires if we ever expect to successfully go from point A to point B in our day-to-day journeys or special trips. If a vehicle sustains damage to one or more tires, how can we tell if a repair will suffice or if a total tire replacement is needed?

Damaged tires may be repaired if they fall into these specific criteria:
  • No sidewall damage (this renders tires useless and is not fixable).
  • Damage is only sustained to the tire’s tread.
  • The tire was not driven on while it was flat.
  • The overall puncture to the tire is less than ¼ of an inch.

If your tire’s damage falls under any of these criteria listed above, then rest assured, a simple repair will be in order. If more extensive damage was sustained, however, then a total tire replacement and balancing will be needed. Visit our trusted tire shop in New Orleans to help you check your wheels for any sign of damage.

The Skinny on Tire Damage and Repair — What You Need to Know

Causes of Tire Damage

Tires become damaged for many reasons. Whether it is from rolling over a sharp object in the road, or from general wear and tear, it’s important to take care of the damage immediately.

Regardless whether the tire needs repair or not, you should also have all four tires routinely checked by a skilled, licensed auto mechanic. This is usually done at the time of your regular vehicle maintenance appointment. After all, proper, intact, and safe tires are important in getting you safely to all of your destinations.

Self-Checking and Inspection

How can you tell if your tires are damaged or worn? The trick is to listen and feel for any changes in the way the vehicle drives. Since replacing all four tires can be costly, it’s good to know when a simple, low cost, affordable repair may be needed. As with any vehicle repair, a tire that needs patching should be fixed only by a trained, competent, and trustworthy professional.

Tire Repair Service Overview

Your mechanic will remove the tire (or tires) from the vehicle and thoroughly inspect it to assess the damage. In some cases a tire patch can be employed to repair the damage and save you the expense of a brand new tire for the vehicle recovery.

Patching will be done from the inside and not the outside, meaning that the tire is patched, and the hole is filled from the inside of the tire instead of from the outside. Any tire that is patched from the outside will have little chance of withstanding the wear and tear from the road and any road debris it encounters. Any tire plugs, however, are meant to be temporary until the tire is taken to be professionally repaired.

The Importance of Having Proper Tires

As with any part of your vehicle, it’s also important to have a properly attached set of solid, dependable tires. A proper set of tires will serve to keep your vehicle properly balanced while on the road.

Worn down treads, imbalanced tires, lopsided or deflated tires will throw your car off balance and cause more damage and expense down the road.

If you notice that any of your tires have any of these issues, it’s imperative to immediately seek the help of a skilled auto mechanic in order to avoid any further damage to your vehicle in the long run.

Tire Repairs in Slidell and New Orleans, LA

Identifying Tire Issues on Your Own

If you’re driving and you notice something off with one or all of your tires, it’s important to be able to quickly identify and assess the issues on your own so that you will be able to report the issue in detail to your auto mechanic.

Some issues you should familiarize yourself with are:
  • The parts of the tire and how each component reacts when it comes into contact with sharp objects, debris, rocks, and branches
  • What a bent tire rim feels like and how it causes your car to perform while on the road
  • Know what proper tire upkeep is in general, and how to perform these tasks on your own outside of your regular vehicle maintenance appointments
  • Know what issues with the exhaust system sound and feel like when driving the vehicle
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