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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Services In New Orleans for Your Car Needs

A suspension tuning tool greatly influences the operations of a vehicle’s tires and it involves a complex process. If not done correctly it may result in out-of-alignment or incorrect alignment conditions. Out-of-alignment is mostly caused by spring sag or suspension wears and occurs when suspension and steering systems are not operating at desired angles on an older vehicle. However, all vehicles can experience this in the case of impact with potholes, curb or drastic change of ground level.

This should be checked regularly in order to avoid incorrect alignment which ends up causing more rapid tread wear. Wheel alignment will help reduce tire wear and improve your vehicle handling. Getting this service saves one money from premature wheel replacements caused by tire wear, as well as assure a smoother ride while at the same time increase fuel efficiency.

We are the number one tire shop in New Orleans, offers tire alignment in New Orleans for all types of vehicles from cars to trucks to vans. Our alignment system is backed up by The Hawkeye Elite®, one of the local alignment shops in the area that will surely upgrade your vehicle’s tires.

We have been serving residents in the city and the surrounding areas for 19 years now with our unmatched services making sure that we cater to the needs of our clients’ vehicles. We offer auto detailing services to make your car look good as new and keep those chromes shiny, engine tune-up to maintain its condition, and more.

Our Tire Alignment Specials, Courtesy of The Hawkeye Elite®

All of our tire alignment machines come from The Hawkeye Elite®. This also means a powerful equipment, accompanied by state of the art features as well as lighter designs, QuickComp™technology, and faster set-ups. We also use alignment modern accessories such as CodeLink®.

Our vehicle technicians normally go through various processes in order to get the alignment of your vehicle done properly. We check out various parts of the vehicle beginning with the camber. This is where they check out the outward and inward angle of a tire if monitored from the front. If there is too much outward or inward tilt, then it will require proper alignment to be done. Other parts such as the ball joints, bearings if worn out, may lead to camber misalignment. All of these processes are done faster with Hawkeye’s wheel alignment machines.

Gone are the days of taking ages to replace or align your car tires. With this technology, our team will ensure to work at full-speed. We will be finished with your wheels before you know it.

Discount Alignment for Your Vehicle Tires

We offer affordable alignment services for your car, truck or van in our New Orleans automotive repair center. We believe that everyone deserves quality yet reasonably-priced products and services from yours truly. Plus, safety is crucial so we make it a point to ensure that your wheels are properly aligned for a secure drive down the road.

What You Need To Know About Front End Alignment

Tire alignment refers to the adjustment of a suspension system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. This adjusts the vehicle angles of your tires which will affect how they make contact with the road.

There are various reasons or signs that show that one’s vehicle requires a complete front end alignment:

  • Uneven tire tread wear,
  • Vehicle pulling on to the left or right
  • When the steering wheel of your vehicle is off center even when driving straight

If you your car is experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to get it checked in our shop.

How It Works

Many tire alignment auto garages and tire sellers offer you alignment as an additional service to be scheduled at regular driving intervals.

It’s always a good idea to consider the cost of this service and a new set of tires for your car. The cost always differs depending on the many aspects such as the type of wheel and mode of the wheel care.

Once you perform a tire alignment on your vehicle you should expect that the service specifically takes below an hour to be completed. While this happens your car will be driven through a platform that allows the wheels to spin while the orientation and rotation of each wheel are monitored by a custom computer system. Specifications will be checked depending n the model of the car and if the specs are off, then an adjustment is made to each appropriate wheel until they properly match. It is always advised to drive the vehicle before and after the whole process of alignment to check whether the process of tire alignment was successful. During this process of tire alignment, it is always advisable to also ensure that the wheels are properly balanced in accordance with the car model.

The other processes being checked out is the toe. This is the angle in which the tires turn inward or outward when viewed from above. Toe-in is where the tires are tilted inwards while toe-out alignment is where the tires are tilted outwards. If the vehicle shows signs of such misalignments, then there is a need for alignment adjustments to be done. The caster is another part that they look into. This is the angle that helps in steering, stability, and cornering. This can be explained as the angle of the steering wheel axis when viewed from the side. In a case of negative caster, then the steering axis of the vehicle tilts to the front of the vehicle.

Other factors considered may include feathering, where they look into the state of the treads. A tire is said to be feathered when the tread is smooth on one side yet sharp on the other. This is normally because of poor toe-alignment. Other factors include camber wear which is an uneven wear of the tire treads.

NOLA Automotive Repairs is here to give you several choices which makes it easy to compare the pricing and put you in a position to choose whoever you can afford and at the same time have a wider variety in choosing the type of services offered in specific centers.

Tie alignment should be a key consideration not only to keep your vehicle in a good state but also as a safety measure for the car occupants and other third parties.

Your Tire’s Main Components


Refers to the inward and outward angle of the tire when viewed directly from the front or back of a vehicle. Too much of either the inward or the outward tilt means there is an issue with the tires alignment. Camber is measured in degrees and depending on an individual driving skills, the proper alignment will suit their needs and offer long-lasting tires with minimal and expected tear.


The Caster angle helps balance steering, stability, and cornering and is also measured in degrees. It is the angling of the steering wheel as viewed from the side of the car. A positive caster means it;s pointing towards the drivers’ direction, and negative means the axis is tilted towards the direction of the vehicle. The caster is also responsible in increasing steering effort, straight line tracking, improve cornering effectiveness and speed stability.


Toe settings can be vulnerable to humidity, handling, and wear and tear. As for the handling, it depends on an individual’s driving skills that influence any tire alignment alterations. Increased toe-in will enhance high-speed stability, help steady the car, and reduce oversteer. It will help free up the car and reduce understeer as well.

Benefits of Tire Alignment

Tire alignment is one of the necessary point maintainers that must be performed regularly in order to keep your vehicle in good condition. The normal way of tire alignment is where the front wheels of the vehicle are properly set to ensure proper vehicle driving in all direction. This prevents the tire from wear and tear, and the entire steering mechanism gives your tires at least more life duration on the road.

A properly-aligned wheel is more economical in terms of fuel consumption. It will prevent save your wheels from wear and tear, improve the stability of your drive, and save you money in the long run.

Below are more benefits of tire alignment:

1. Less wear on tires

2. Better gas mileage for your car due to less workload on the engine

3. Smoother driving of the vehicle and with fewer engine vibrations even at high speeds

4. Straighter driving experience with no pulling at one side

5. Improved safely

6. Shooter stopping distance

In order to understand the how the tire alignment process works, there are a few things you may
The tire alignment centers have different types of equipment installed to perform different tasks all related to tire alignment. Your choice of the specific tire alignment center will be influenced by your needs and also the planned budget.

We Offer More Than Just Wheel Alignment Service

NOLA Automotive Repairs is home to various services such as diagnostics, maintenance, transmission, brake jobs, AC & heat, steering, and more. We have a team of mechanics, specialists, and technicians ready to work on your vehicle whether it’s needing an oil change or a good clean. We do our service on time and when we have delays, we will inform you right away.

Our goal is to exceed client expectation all the while providing them quality service in the city. Your vehicle is safe in our hands, only here at NOLA Automotive Repairs.