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Recommended Car Tire Repair Service in New Orleans

You are driving on a highway and you end up swerving uncontrollably on the side of the road. You check the problem and saw that one of your tires have been punctured. Your vehicle’s tires may withstand rocks, debris or even tree branches, but they won’t hold for long. They also experience wear and tear. When one or all of your tires are facing any of these issues, it’s time to seek the help of a tire repair service.

Let Us Help You with Our Vehicle Tire Repair

NOLA Automotive Repairs is your one-stop shop for this kind of service. We offer more than just wheel repair, we also replace or repair engine components, run checks on engine lights, and even provide consultations regarding your vehicle’s current state. We are known to be the trusted tire shop in New Orleans and we have a team of flexible workers who get the job done, accompanied with a performance that you can’t find anywhere else.

What You Need to Know About Tire Damage

You cannot control what your tire rolls on while driving on the road. Tire damage is inevitable and no matter how you avoid every sharp rock or nail, you will encounter this issue eventually. Once your tires have incurred damages, you need to take note of the time. It is crucial to have the tires repair because depending on the damage, patching up a tire doesn’t always fix the problem. What’s more, some damages can be oblivious; they sometimes appear when you least expect it.

Wear and tear is another common reason for a damaged tire. It’s recommended to have it checked or replaced regularly. Doing either can save you a costly auto service in the long run.

Maintaining A Safe Vehicle With Tire Repair

Anyone who has driven a car has most likely experienced issues with their tires at some point. The importance of repairing a tire cannot be understated since good tires are vital to getting you safely to your destination. However, over time your tires can easily wear out, so it is up to you to listen and feel for any changes that may affect the performance of your vehicle.

Purchasing brand new tires can be very expensive, especially if you’re replacing all four. However, just because your tire may be flat it doesn’t mean that it should be replaced. Fixing a damaged tire is obviously less expensive than if you were to buy a brand new one. Although, the problem here is that tire repair isn’t always an option.

If you have a damaged tire it may be fixed if it meets the following criteria:

  1. No sidewall damage since that renders the tire useless and not fixable.
  2. Damage should only be to the tread section of the tire
  3. Tires not driven on when flat.
  4. The puncture to the tire is less than 1/4″


If your flat tire meets the criteria above you may be able to get the tire patched up and back on the road without having to spend a lot of money.

Now if you do decide to go with a patch job it is important that it is done right. The tire should be taken off the vehicle and properly inspected to make sure there isn’t more damage, especially to the sidewall. A tire patch done right is from the inside and the hole is filled up. If you take it to a tire repair shop, make sure the tire is patched and filled from the inside rather than plugged from the outside.

A tire plug is fine for short distances but not something you want to ride on for long periods of time. You may have seen tire plugs in the store and wondered how they work. Actually, these tire plugs are very simple to insert and usually come with a helpful tool to make it possible. But keep in mind tire plugs are only a temporary solution until you can get your tire to a professional for repairs.

The importance of proper tire cannot be understated since it is what keeps your vehicle balanced properly on the road. If your tires are out of balance, losing air, lost treadwear or lopsided it is time to seek out the services of someone who deals with fixing tires. In fact, the quicker you act the more money you are likely to save since the damage is probably in an area where you can get it patched. Leaving a defective tire on for too long will render it useless and you will end up having to spend a lot of money on new tires.

Thankfully today there is more of an emphasis on vehicle safety so people are tuned into how their car is driving on the road. Remember the tips above to help you avoid having to pay for new tires when you can simply have the tire patched, saving hundreds of dollars!

Our Team of Wheel Repair Experts are Always Ready to Help You Out

Wheel Repair is Easy to Get as Long as you Have Us by Your Side

Tire damage can be caused by a range of factors. It can be a misalignment on the rim or a steering issue. Doing this assessment on your own is proven to be difficult, so you need an expert to take a look at the problem. We have a team of specialists ready to take a look at the issue your tires are facing and provide professional wheel alignment service in New Orleans. We also evaluate and test the severity of the problem so that you won’t end up spending on an exorbitant repair service.

Our standard procedure during the tire repair operation contains a thorough examination of the problem to come up with the best solution. We will determine the tire damage, and evaluate its impact on your vehicle. We don’t just focus on the damaged tire alone–we also look for concealed signs in your engine and the external features of your vehicle.

Determining the Issue on Your Own

Remember that you can save yourself the trouble of figuring out on your own what causes your tires to act out. Get to know the parts of your tire and how each component is affected when it encounters rocks, debris, branches or sharp objects. Rims usually bend when a large object gets stuck between the tires. It will create a disturbance of the tires and eventually damages that sometimes go beyond repair.

Talk to a car tire expert on the proper upkeep and the specific signs that you need out watch for. As much as we appreciate you coming to us, we also want to save you from the burden of costly car tire repairs and vehicle repair in general. Knowing what your wheels are saying to you is the first step in preventing a more severe problem.

You also need to watch out for your exhaust system. If you hear a noise, there’s a chance something is caught in there. That’s not to say all hope is lost when you encounter these problems. We are always ready to jump in and help.

Opening Our Doors to You

Our doors at NOLA Automotive Repairs are always open and our goal is to provide you tire repair service for your vehicle that will last for years to come.

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