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Engine Overheating Radiator Repair in New Orleans LA - NOLA Automotive Repairs


Overheating Vehicle? Come In For a New Orleans Efficient Radiator Repair

Is your coolant leaking, or your vehicle heating up too quickly?

Radiator Repair in New Orleans- NOLA Automotive Repairs

You may need to have your radiator looked at by a trusted local repair shop. Your car’s radiator keeps the engine cool – enabling your vehicle to run smoothly and reliably. If you suspect your radiator may need repair, come to NOLA Automotive Repairs today.

Our team of trusted and reliable auto mechanics and technicians have the experience and know-how needed to get you safely back on the road without breaking your wallet.

What Causes My Radiator to Overheat?

Radiator leaks happen all the time. You’re driving down the road and suddenly your radiator starts to leak.

As the antifreeze circulates through the engine, the heat dissipates, allowing excessive heat to make its way to the engine.

The primary issue for a busted or a leaking radiator is corrosion. The radiator itself, along with the hoses and their connections collect rust and sediment that can punch holes in your car’s radiator. A weak coolant can also be the cause of overheating, as well as a bad thermostat or heater.

There are many reasons for this occurrence: your radiator’s blocked, a failed water pump or a leaking cooling system might have wreaked havoc within your engine.

Overheating happens when your vehicle engine generates too much heat. The heat isn’t distributed properly within the component causing your car to overheat. Too much heat can mean a trip to an auto shop or a damage that might or might not be resolved. And when there’s still hope for your car, you might end up forking a lot of money for the repairs.

This is why it’s essential to be always alert when your engine is telling you something. Don’t ignore it and have it checked to a local auto shop such as NOLA Automotive Repairs.

New Orleans Radiator Repair - NOLA Automotive Repairs

Taking Care of Your Car’s Radiator

It is advised that you maintain your radiator by keeping a coolant in your engine’s system. Depending on the damage incurred, we will assess if your radiator needs to be repaired or replaced. Radiators are common among vehicles to malfunction or overheat and they are easy to detect compare to other coolant systems. If you believe there’s something wrong with your radiator, then stop by NOLA Automotive Repairs so we can assist you with your problem.

Radiator Repair – Preventing an Overheat Once and for All

If you think your vehicle may be in need or repair, it’s important to find a trusted technician who can get you back on the road fast and diagnose the problem correctly the first time around.

The technicians at NOLA Automotive Repairs have been offering radiator repair in the New Orleans area for over 19 years. Our team will conduct a thorough investigation in order to make sure the problems originate with your radiator, work to understand why it failed, repair or replace parts, and fix any damage that led to the original break in the first place. Let our trustworthy New Orleans LA overheating repair fix the issues your vehicle is facing.

Avoid Costly Repairs Down The Road

Without your radiator, your engine may overheat, causing significant damage to the vehicle. The excess heat can even warp parts of your engine. This warping can’t be repaired, and parts must be replaced, which can cost thousands of dollars.

If you fear your vehicle is suffering from leaking coolant, overheating engine, or other signs of radiator damage, bring your car in immediately. If you wait, your car’s repairs may outweigh the vehicle’s worth. Our professional radiator repair professionals in the Big Easy will protect your car and get you back on the road fast, all without breaking the bank. More problems with overheating? See our affordable car thermostat repair.

Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly

It’s stressful for an engine to run without a proper radiator. Imagine trying to run a marathon without any water – you’d collapse from dehydration partway through. Similarly, trying to drive your car through the area without radiator repair can wreak havoc on your engine.

Even if your car doesn’t completely break down before you arrive at the radiator shop in New Orleans LA, you may be causing extensive damage to your engine.

Reliable Repairs With Experienced Technicians

You can trust the great technicians at NOLA Automotive Repairs to diagnose and repair the source of your radiator break, rather than simply “patching up” broken tubes or installing a needless replacement.

Here are a few ways we stand out from the competition:

  • Trusted Technicians: With nearly two decades of radiator repair and other services in New Orleans, we’ve proved our ability to care for customers’ vehicles.
  • Great Service: We’ll listen to your concerns, fully examine your vehicle’s condition, explain any necessary repairs, and help you make an informed decision regarding next steps.
  • Efficient Work: We know you’re busy, so we don’t waste time in our New Orleans radiator repair – your vehicle’s work will be completed in a timely manner.
  • Effective Repairs: Rather than simply repair one or two broken radiator parts, we examine the cause of the damage and prevent it from breaking again in the near future.
  • Competitive Prices: Because we care about you, we don’t overcharge or add high markups to our services.
  • Suggested By NOLA Customers: Dozens of our customers have expressed their gratefulness for our honest, effective service.

Customer Reviews

At NOLA Automotive Repairs, we’re proud to serve our community through efficient New Orleans radiator repair. Here’s what our customers are saying about our repairs:

“Phenomenal service! Quick, honest, and talented repair shop. Firestone said it would cost over $1K to fix my air conditioning, but I took my car to NOLA Automotive Repair for a second opinion. I’m sure glad I did. They had my AC fixed within hours and for a mere fraction of the price quoted by Firestone. Not to mention they dropped me off and picked me up from work in the CBD while my car was being worked on. Thanks guys!!!!” – Elizabeth M.

“Honestly one of the best mechanic shops I’ve been to around here. Customer service was excellent (I mean extremely excellent) from scheduling an appointment with Lisa through phone, all the way to Joe walking me through my car and following up after finishing their work. I come to the shop for all my vehicle needs as they do honest work and even explain/follow up with you and reassure that all of their work comes with warranty. I plan to stick with this shop for as long as I’m here for all mechanics needs and would not hesitate to recommend this shop to anyone who is looking for an honest business with excellent prices and great customer service.” – Henry P.

Ready to join our long list of satisfied customers? Call us or drop by today.

About NOLA Automotive Repairs

NOLA Automotive Repairs was founded over 19 years ago in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our trusted professionals work for you – helping you keep your car in top shape, offering tips for best car care, and performing efficient work that lasts for years to come.

A few interesting facts about us:

  • Our technicians aren’t just trained – they’re certified. Our certifications include engine repair, heating and air conditioning, electrical/electronic systems, and more.
  • One of our priorities is providing a stress-free atmosphere for our clients from the first diagnosis to final repairs.
  • Our specialist team is available for maintenance consults: when to repair specific engine parts, how to keep your car in good condition, and other tips.
  • We believe it’s important to talk through every repair’s role in the function of a vehicle with each customer, so that our clients can make an informed decision on which parts to repair or replace.
  • We know you have errands to run and work to do – that’s why we offer pickups and drop-offs while your car is getting work finished.

More from NOLA Automotive Repairs

At NOLA Automotive Repairs, our goal is to be a one-stop shop for car maintenance and repairs.

Here are a few non-radiator services we offer:

  • We’ll repair or replace your brakes.
  • If you’re having difficulty steering or struggling with excessively-bouncy rides, our professionals can repair your steering column and tire alignment.
  • A broken AC or heat unit can emit smells that make you ill. If your AC or heat brakes, we’re happy to fix it for you.
  • We offer tips and consultations on maintenance schedules based on your car’s model and unique needs.

Repair Shop Location

NOLA Automotive Repairs
2100 Earhart, Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70113
Hours: Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM

Call us or stop by today. We’d love to learn more about how we can help you with all of your automotive repair and maintenance needs.

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