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New Orleans Car Thermostat Repair to Prevent Engine Overheat

Did you know: Overheating is a top cause for engine repairs?

Engines must be kept at a stable, cool temperature to run properly. Unfortunately, if the thermostat in your engine breaks, your car won’t circulate coolant properly – causing your engine to overheat.

Like water pumps, automotive thermostats are crucial in preventing vehicles from overheating. They keep the balance of the coolant temperature so that the heat is evenly distributed around the engine. A thermostat has a built-in sensor that can be opened or closed. The coolant is kept in the engine if the thermostat is closed.

Since engines are built on a predetermined temperature, the thermostat will only allow the coolant to circulate when the engine reaches a particular temperature. As the engine runs, so is the thermostat. It opens and closes during this operation. It also happens to be the most prone to damage, causing a vehicle to overheat.

Signs of a Broken Thermostat

Overheating: One of the most common reasons for a bad car thermostat is engine overheat. When the engine’s temperature reaches its normal operation, the thermostat should open enough to allow the coolant to flow into the engine to regulate heat. If the thermostat gets stuck, the antifreeze won’t flow from the radiator resulting to an overheat.

Underheating: Sometimes less heat can be a bad thing. This happens when a thermostat is trapped in an open setting. This means that the coolant will be continuously moving into the engine. If your car’s temperature gauge needle is still pointing near the bottom, it’s high time to have your thermostat checked.

Fluctuating Temperature: If your engine’s operating temperature is not functioning, your entire engine will likely suffer. This will cause a number of issues such a reduced gas mileage. You can always check your car’s thermostat and repairs are actually easy if you want to save money. You can also buy a new thermostat from your trusted local auto parts store.

Auto thermostat replacements are usually the best way to bring back the spark of your engine a well as prevent your car from overheating. NOLA Automotive Repairs -trusted auto repair center is here to provide you with quality care for your vehicle. We are serving our customers for 19 years, we understand that overheating is a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately. Our overheating solutions will fix your engine in no time and we have a reliable mechanic for auto overheating in New Orleans.

If you’re struggling with an overheating car, a broken thermostat may be the cause. Come to NOLA Automotive Repairs for quality, affordable New Orleans car thermostat repair.

Thermostat Car Repair to Fix Overheating Issues

The professionals at NOLA Automotive Repairs have been serving the NOLA area for over 19 years. We’ve built a team of trusted, certified technicians who will carefully examine your entire car for maintenance needs.

They’ll work to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your thermostat break – so you can avoid repeat thermostat repairs and enjoy your vehicle for years to come. If you need thermostat car repairs, we’re the team for the job. See more of our overheating services by checking out the recommended New Orleans car water pump repair.

Fast, affordable and high-quality work you can count on!

Address Problems While They’re Small

Your engine works hard to keep your car running. When it gets too hot, your car’s thermostat automatically sends coolant to the engine. It’s like staying hydrated in the middle of a long race: your car needs to cool down, just like you do. If your car doesn’t cool off properly, parts of the engine can warp and break.

Fixing your thermostat now prevents more expensive repairs in the future. New Orleans is an especially dangerous city for skipping thermostat repair, as hot summers can quickly overheat your engine.

Find The Source Of The Problem

The team at NOLA Automotive Repairs doesn’t cut corners. Instead, we carefully examine each part of your car to find the source of your broken thermostat. We’ll repair any flaws that caused your thermostat is malfunctioning – so you don’t have to come back in a few months with the same issues. Our thermostat car repair in New Orleans will help keep your car running smoothly long-term.

In addition, we’ll ensure that the overheating didn’t cause any additional damage elsewhere in your engine bay or to any other components. Catching this damage early can save you time and money in months to come.

New Orleans and Slidell Car Thermostat Repair

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