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Need your car brakes replaced? Professional automotive technician – NOLA Automotive Repairs is here to provide you with the best brake service in New Orleans but, you need to have a proper understanding of brake parts first.

As a vehicle owner, knowing and understanding the different moving parts of your brake system is essential. You see, the brake pads create friction when you step on them, and then the brake rotor disperses heat through the vehicle to keep the brakes from overheating.

Why Do I Need to Replace my Brakes?

Brake pads don’t last long and just like any component o your car, it needs to be replaced.

Driving alone can affect your brakes. Screeching noise when you hit the brakes indicates that you need to replace them immediately. Ignoring this issue doesn’t only affect your safety but your wallet as well.

Below are the signs you need to have your brake pads replaced.

Pay Attention to the Noise

A worn brake pad can make a lot of noise. You may hear a squealing or screeching noise when you release the brake pedal, as well as a grinding sound while braking.

Brake pad replacement is the most common repair for brake components. It’s because brakes are built to wear out — they don’t stay that way forever. This is why they need to be replaced.

Our Other Services:

We Have Brake Change Technicians and Tools to Keep Your Vehicle in Check

Our Brake Replacement Diagnosis

Our technicians can easily detect small or big brake problems right away. Still, we run it through our in-depth diagnostics exam to ensure that all parts are covered and nothing will be missed. We check the following:

  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Discs
  • Brake Lines

Using our high-end equipment and tools, we will deliver to you the excellent brake replacement that your car needs. Our experts will be available for you throughout the service should you have questions or further inquiries. Trust that they will remain attentive to you throughout the whole process and will keep you updated. We value good communication here at NOLA Automotive Repairs, which is also one of the reasons why we stand out from the rest of the auto repair centers in New Orleans.

Our Affordable Brake Replacement Will Save You Money in the Long Run

You don’t need to break the bank when you avail of our brake replacement service. We offer reasonable prices for our reliable brake service in New Orleans. You will see that the cost of replacement is worth it due to the quality of the service that we provide and our customer service that remains unmatched through the years.

Our Brake Change Service Always Delivers

NOLA Automotive Repairs delivers your vehicles in time. So, when we say that your car will be ready on a certain day, trust that it will. Should there be any delays due to other circumstances, we will notify you days before. However, this doesn’t happen often, so rest assured that your vehicle will be sent back to you on time with the brakes working flawlessly.

Brake Parts for All Vehicles

We carry a wide range of brake replacement parts to suit whatever make or model of your car. We also carry a reasonable warranty cover for the brake replacement. This will put your mind at ease the moment you roll away with good working brakes once again.

Brake Replacement Service in Slidell and New Orleans, LA

Trust Us to Provide You Unmatched Service

Make the best decision for your brakes today and have NOLA Automotive Repairs take care of your brakes. We also offer brake repair service in New Orleans. All of our clients are satisfied with the jobs that we do hence the excellent reputation that we have worked so hard for. You will not regret it as long as you’re here with us.

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