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Transmission Replacement services in New Orleans LA - NOLA Automotive Repairs


Providing High-Quality Transmission Replacement in New Orleans to Keep Your Vehicle Running All Day Long

Whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission, trust that NOLA Automotive Repairs can give you an excellent replacement service.

When Is A Transmission Replacement Needed?


The transmission is an important part of a vehicle that plays a critical role in the ability of the engine to operate properly. Basically, the transmission carries the power generated by the engine to the drive axle that utilizes different gears to allow the engine to rotate at various speeds. The cost to replace a transmission comes with a hefty tag. The average cost of a rebuild or replacement can vary between anything from $2,800 to $8,000, depending on the model of the vehicle. Most mechanics recommend a remanufactured transmission over rebuilding as they come with manufacturer warranties and the repair can be done much faster, saving labor costs.

The Causes of Transmission Failure

Low transmission fluid levels, as well as various component failures, can cause severe damage to a transmission leading to a need for repair, a rebuild, or total replacement.  Even a minor leak, if not attended to, can lead to major problems that can cause irreparable damage. According to experts, up to 90% of transmission failures are due to components inside the transmission that are unable to withstand the wear and tear of eighty to ninety thousand miles of operation.

When Should a Transmission be Replaced?

The transmission in a vehicle needs to be in excellent condition to ensure the engine continuously runs at optimum levels. When a transmission starts to fail it can affect the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely and can affect the overall lifespan of the engine as well as the vehicle in general. Here are some signs to look out for that the transmission in your vehicle may need to be replaced:

Unusual Sounds

–    A well-running transmission sounds smooth with no odd sounds. When a transmission begins to fail the first thing you will notice when driving the car is odd sounds coming from the engine. This may include grinding noises when shifting gears which may be due to damaged gears or a worn clutch.

–    A change in pitch that sounds like a whining noise clearly audible over the normal sound of the engine.

–    A humming or buzzing noise is commonly heard with a malfunctioning transmission. This is caused when the transmission shimmies when it is shifted into a new gear.

Odd Smells

A malfunctioning transmission often emits a bad smell when the engine is running that resembles the smell of burning oil. This may mean that the transmission fluid needs to be replaced or that the transmission parts have been damaged due to lack of lubrication. A lack of lubrication is one of the major causes of transmission malfunction which makes the vehicle difficult to operate and eventually leads to the need for a transmission replacement.

Delay in Movement

When the engine stalls or fails to move once it has been shifted into a certain gear, it is an indication that there are problems with the transmission. When the engine hesitates when shifting into gear or when attempting to rev the engine for increased speed, the clutch may be worn. Sometimes the gears will tend to switch over on their own which is an indication that the transmission is slipping.

Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks are a clear indication that the transmission needs immediate attention. Transmissions are sealed after being built and there should be no visible oil leaking out. To test for active leaks place a piece of cardboard under the engine for 24 hours to determine if there is any oil dripping from the transmission. Brown or dark red fluid means that there is a serious problem that needs to be attended to immediately.

Warning Light

When the transmission warning light turns on it is an indication that something is wrong. When this happens the transmission should be inspected by a professional to avoid further complications from developing. If the warning light is accompanied by unusual noises and a strong smell from the engine, you will most like need to have the transmission replaced.


There are a number of problems that can develop inside a transmission that can be prevented with proper maintenance of the structure. For manual transmissions, the transmission fluid should be replaced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. For vehicles that are used excessively, which places a significant amount of stress on the transmission, the fluid should be changed every 15,000 miles.

Automatic transmissions may require an oil change every 30,000 miles or never depending on the make of the vehicle.

Every time the transmission fluid is changed, the gasket and filter should be inspected by a licensed mechanic and replaced when necessary. This will ensure that the engine will continue to run smoothly for years and minimizing the need for a transmission replacement.

Transmission problem is serious and there are times when replacing it is the only option. We have dealt with numerous transmission replacements over the years in our auto repair shop in New Orleans and we are very proud to say that we are very successful in this field. Our team of experts who specialize in transmission and replacement can get the job done as flawlessly and as fast as possible.

As much as we try to repair every transmission problem that comes our way to help customers save more money, replacement of the transmission is sometimes the only option. Sure, it will cost you more money as the work itself is labor intensive, but rest assured that you will get the best quality of work done.

Besides replacing or repairing the transmission, NOLA Automotive Repairs also offers the following services:

  • Overheating
  • General Engine Repair
  • Brake Jobs
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Diagnostics

These are some of the solutions we provide for our clients’ vehicle engines. Since the engine is one of the essential components of a vehicle, it’s important to have it checked for defects and other related problems. Doing this can help you save money and prevent accidents.

Professional Replacement Mechanics Ready to Get the Job Done

Our mechanics will run a diagnostics on your car first to check the possible route to go to for your transmission. You will be given a detailed report of our findings along with your options to resolve the problem. In the case of replacement, you will find all the detailed parts that are broken and why such procedure is your best option.

Once we have settled this, our transmission mechanics will get to work right away. Our staff and the mechanic working on your vehicle will give you regular updates to keep you in the loop. Our mechanics will also provide information regarding the terms that will help our customers become more aware of what’s happening with their car.

Professional Transmission Replacement Service for a Reasonable Price

Your transmission replacement may be costlier compared to our other trustworthy transmission services in New Orleans but you should know that the work involved in this is tedious and time-consuming, hence the higher price.

The good news is, it is very reasonable as we will provide you with a breakdown of the costs. We can also consider giving discounts and throw in some freebies, too.

Delivered To You On Time

Rest assured that our company meets our deadlines so, if we say that we will deliver your vehicle at a certain time, you can guarantee that it will be there. We work as fast as we can ensuring quality in everything that we do. We value your time here, which is why you can guarantee that your car will be back to you as promised.

We Guarantee a Thorough Transmission Replacement for Any Vehicle Type

Here at NOLA Automotive Repairs, we always guarantee the best work. When it comes to transmission service, rest assured that you will have quality service as much as possible.

Whatever the make and model of your car is, we have skilled and well-versed mechanics to work on your transmission replacement and high-quality transmission rebuild in New Orleans. We only use the best equipment and tools to guarantee efficiency in our processes. Your transmission is very important and it needs the best care possible. With us, you will be at ease that your car is in good hands. We won’t be here for over two decades if we’re not good. In fact, residents of New Orleans trust us with their vehicle.

So make sure that you trust your vehicle only to the experts at NOLA Automotive Repairs.

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