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Auto Transmission services in New Orleans LA - NOLA Automotive Repairs


Get the Best Transmission Service from a Trusted Auto Shop in New Orleans


The complexity of your car’s transmission may be intimidating so it doesn’t come as a surprise that a transmission problem can put you on edge. The good news here is a reliable transmission shop – NOLA Automotive Repairs is here to help you with your car problems. We are the leading car repair shop, which means that coming to us means your transmission problems will be fixed in a jiffy.

Whether it’s an automatic or manual transmission, you can count on us to deliver to you the solutions to guarantee a working transmission. We provide various reliable car repair services in New Orleans to keep your engine running such as brake jobs, steering & suspension, radiator repairs, fan motor replacement, and more.

There’s every service for every vehicle need. Talk to our experts to find the most ideal service for your truck, car or van.

The Importance Of Checking A Car Transmission

Transmissions are mechanical components designed to transmit power from a car’s engine to its drive axle, which in turn drives the vehicle. By varying gear ratios, transmissions alter the levels of speed and power to the wheels. For instance, in low ranges, they provide more power and lesser speed. This reduces the engine’s load while increasing the vehicle’s fuel economy and speed.


Transmissions are available in two main modes, manual and automatic. Manual ones have a clutch pedal that disconnects and connects the transmission to the engine while automatic ones do so automatically. However, automatic transmissions rely on a special fluid known as ATF to lubricate and cool moving parts.


Whatever transmission type your vehicle has, it is vital that you check it regularly to ensure smooth operation. However, this is especially important for automatic gearboxes since they can break down easily should any problems go unsolved. Therefore, make sure that you check ATF levels and condition regularly.


Things You Could Avoid by Checking and Servicing Your Car Transmission Frequently


Transmission Slipping


Transmission slipping happens when you are driving in a specific gear before it changes for no reason at all causing the engine to start producing a whining noise. It may also feel like the vehicle is struggling, or is not accelerating as it should, or is suddenly underpowered. Transmission slipping may be a sign of low fluid levels, a fluid leak, burnt fluid, worn out gears, broken or worn transmission bands, or torque converter issues.


Delayed Engagement


Another common problem an unmaintained automatic gearbox will experience is delayed engagement. This is characterized by a delay before the vehicle engages into drive and moves forward. When shifting from “P” to “D”, you may notice a long pause where the vehicle revs the engine when you step on the gas pedal but does not move forward as expected. This may be as a result of the wearing out of internal seals or because of irregular replacement of the fluid.


Fluid Leak


Fluid leaks are the number one reason for most automatic gearbox problems. A transmission is a sealed unit that should never leak any fluids. So, if you notice any weak spots on your garage or driveway floor, find a cardboard and place under the car to find out if they are any active fluid leaks. If the leak is a bright red, dark brown or dark red fluid, then consider visiting your auto service shop as soon as possible.


Rough Shifts


Poor maintenance and servicing could also lead to rough shifts. You may notice that your car is refusing to shift gears as it normally would, or the shifts are not very smooth. In other instances, you could hear or feel a noticeable “thud” or “clunk” when the vehicle shifts gears or notice that the vehicle has difficulty gaining speed.


Checking your transmission, or having it checked by a professional regularly is one way to ensure the smooth operation of your transmission. Always look out for warning signs and schedule frequent checkups with your local auto service shop.

Only the Advanced Tools for Our Transmission System Service

Here at our company, we only make use of the advanced equipment, tools, and technology to execute our repairs. When it comes to transmission service, rest assured that your vehicle will only get the

Here at our company, we only make use of the best equipment, tools, and technology to execute our repairs. When it comes to transmission, you rest assured that your vehicle will only get the premier treatment from the best skilled and experienced mechanics in the city.

How We Do It – A Thorough Process to Get the Job Done

Our diagnostics are very in-depth to cover all possible causes of the transmission problem and to ensure that nothing is missed. We only use the state of the art technology when performing our diagnostic tests. Once we have the results, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings and the options that we can undertake to solve your transmission problems.

The report comes with the breakdown of the costs. We do not surprise our clients with any additional charges before the release of their vehicle. Should a situation arise that requires it, we will notify you right away.

We Take Pride in Our Professional Team in Charge of Transmission Service

Our team of mechanics is skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to transmission repair, transmission rebuild, and transmission replacement. In fact, NOLA Automotive Repairs has established an excellent reputation over the years. We have been in the industry and this is all because of the excellent service that we provide. We continuously evolve through the changing times to give our clients only the best.

We believe that there is always room for improvement and that’s why we always find ways to do that to our services in order to give quality car care to our clients because they deserve it.

Your Best Choice Is Us

Whether your transmission needs repair or replacement, trust that NOLA Automotive Repairs can solve your problems right away. Putting the fate of your transmission in our hands is the best decision that you will make. With us, you are guaranteed the best people, service, and price for your transmission problems.

We value your time, so rest assured that your vehicle will be back before you know it. We always meet our deadlines and if ever we can’t make it, we notify our clients right away. With us, you will get your car up and running again in no time.

Trust only the experts when it comes to transmission repair and replacement. You don’t need to break the bank just to get quality excellent repair in the city. We devote our time to your vehicle and your transmission. Make sure that your investment is well-protected and you can only do so if you work with us.


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