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General Engine Repair New Orleans LA - NOLA Automotive Repairs

General Engine Repair

General Engine Repair in New Orleans - NOLA Automotive Repairs
Professional New Orleans General Engine Repair  – Give Your Car the Treatment it Deserves

A well-maintained vehicle requires time, cost, and patience. On the other hand, you don’t always have the luxury of time ensuring that your vehicle is in perfect condition. Investing in a vehicle means taking care of it constantly and watching for problems lurking about. Sometimes people tend to overlook the issues with their car–the damage has already been done and it’s too late to fix what’s broken.

But hiring someone or a service maintenance company can bring possible risks since you just can’t trust your vehicle to just about anyone. Not to mention the affordability and trust factor that is usually hard to come by in vehicle repair service firms.

Why Does an Engine Malfunction?

Your car is an investment and you probably have been taking good care of it. But there are some instances that some of its components start to malfunction and you’re left with an auto repair bill and a vehicle that refuses to cooperate.

Sometimes owners don’t pay attention to their car and just dismissed any noise coming from it.

Below are some of the engine problems that you need to take into account:

Smoke or steam is coming out from your vehicle: If this happens to your car, you should immediately take it to an auto shop. The issue might be loose cylinders, worn gaskets or using a wrong oil grade.

Frequent Overheating: Such a case doesn’t just happen once. When your car frequently overheats, it’s time to have the components replaced. Overheating is usually caused by a clogged hose, a broken engine thermostat or a burst radiator. Watch out for any leaks in the cooling system, because this also causes excessive heat.

Stalling Vehicle: Your car stops in the middle of the road–this indicates a safety hazard and the problem stems from a malfunctioning fuel filter, fuel line or spark plugs.


Protecting Your Engine the Right Way

Prevention is better than the cure and as car engines go, it will save you a lot of money from those costly repairs or replacements. Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the welfare of our engines. Our engines make unusual sounds and that indicates an issue you need to keep into account.

Before you know it, your car starts encountering a myriad of problems. This is why it’s recommended to look after your engine and give it the best care possible. So where to start from here?

Regular Oil Change: The oil is the lifeblood of an engine since it helps lubricate the other parts present in your vehicle. A well-lubricated engine can prevent it from overheating.

Keep Your Car’s Cooling System in Check: Another way to prevent overheating is keeping your coolant working. The cooling system includes the essentials: water pump, radiator, and thermostat. Protect your engine by ensuring that it has the right amount of radiator fluid/coolant circulating within.

Give Breathing Room to Your Engine: Vehicles need to have continuous air flow so you need to regularly clean your air filters. Remove debris, leaves, dirt, bugs, and grime that clogged the filters. You might also need to replace your air filters.

Check for Leaks: A puddle or dripping liquid under the car isn’t a good sign. It could mean that your engine or antifreeze has leaked. Be aware of the smell emanating from these puddles as they can indicate a major problem for your vehicle.

Don’t Wait for Gas to Run Out: Fill it up before it gets too low unless you want your engine to run on some gas junk. Certain gasoline has sediments that settle below the gas tank and it can clog your car’s fuel filter. That extra junk can get accumulated down there and even damage your engine.

Replace Your Car’s Fuel Filter: This filter catches sediment and particles in the gas that are harmful to the engine. If you haven’t replaced your filter for a long time, then it’s time to do so in order for your engine to run without a hitch. Contact your trusted mechanic if you have a hard time accessing the fuel filter.

Be Gentle with Your Car: Take it easy with the start and stop driving. Your engine is built to run, but it doesn’t mean you won’t go easy on it. Vehicular problems often occur due to a car being handled improperly. Your engine gets worn that of you overboard with the speeding. The solution? keep your speed on a level. Your engine will last longer and you get better gas mileage in the process.

General Engine Repair from Yours Truly


Don’t know who to turn to? NOLA Automotive Repairs has your back. We offer trusted engine service in New Orleans for just about any type of issue your vehicle is facing. What’s more, we don’t charge an exorbitant rate. We believe that quality service and affordability go hand in hand. We don’t just cater to our clients’ needs–-we also cement our trust with them by making sure that their vehicle is well taken care of.

In our New Orleans auto repair center we offer various services such as fixing thermostats, radiators, and engine fans that have overheat, as well as engine replacement, repair, and maintenance. We don’t just focus on engines alone–we cover the whole component from cleaning your vehicle’s interior to replacing tires. NOLA Automotive Repairs has all of them right here.

Full Engine Service from Our Reputable Team of Mechanics

We provide affordable engine services that are both reliable and reputable. We will save you from the trouble of maintaining or repairing your vehicle without breaking the bank. Our general engine repair services also include replacement and performance enhancement—all of these guaranteed to fix your vehicle problems.

A car or van that has an external damage can be easily fixed or replaced. But in the case of engines, it’s a delicate issue. Our team of talented and skilled mechanics will start working on your vehicle once the problem has been identified and solutions have been assessed.

We Don’t Just Stop with Engines

Engine repair can be costly, but our service provides an affordable rate without falling short of your expectations. Regardless of your vehicle’s state, we will fix any engine damage. We also perform engine rebuild systems, in case you need to further improve your vehicle’s performance and build.

Meet the Team Behind the Work

We always ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services, be it repair, replacement or maintenance. It is our responsibility to make sure that your car is as good as new and it runs perfectly like the day you bought it from the dealer showroom. Let us take care of your vehicle’s inner workings and make driving a breeze.

Our team has all the required skills and experiences to give your vehicle a treatment it deserves. We provide a level of workmanship that is cut above the rest. Rest assured that your vehicle will get quality service with our full engine repair service.

Services that Lives Up to Their Names

Our service is more than just doing the job at the end of the day. Our philosophy is staying true to our word and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and the welfare of their vehicles.

You don’t need to go to a luxury auto shop to get the best care for your car. At the end of the day, a service that stays true to its word still reigns supreme. Some mechanic services keep throwing these buzzwords around and brag that they do this and that, but fall short once they start to work. Our mechanics and specialists don’t roll that way at NOLA Automotive Repairs. Once we set on something, we make sure to finish what we started.

When it comes to scheduling your vehicle for a repair, maintenance or component replacement, we do it on time. And when we got delays, we make sure to immediately inform you so you can adjust the schedule on your end.

Drop By Our Shop – We’ll Take Care of Your Car from Start to Finish

Our general engine repair provides you premier care that you can’t find in any vehicle repair service. Quality and care are our goals, only here at NOLA Automotive Repairs.

New Orleans General Engine Repair - NOLA Automotive Repairs