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Eliminate Bad Odor from Your Car with Our Auto Deodorize Service

Some people don’t keep their car’s odors into account; they resort to simply opening their windows to diminish that hidden smell or go overboard with spray fresheners. Sure, it may eliminate odors but not in the long run.

Car odor removal isn’t an easy feat and you need to have the required materials and even the expertise to do it. NOLA Automotive Repairs offers car deodorizing for those who want their vehicle to smell good from the inside.

Auto Deodorize Services in New Orleans - NOLA Automotive Repairs

Why Does my Car Smell Bad?

There are a number of reasons why your car is emanating an undesirable and often an embarrassing smell. Some are even hidden in plain sight or caused by your own doing. The most common causes of this are:

  • Acrid smell from a burnt brake or clutch
  • Your heater core is leaking; a sweet maple-like smell indicates that your antifreeze is leaking
  • Musty smell from water; this may be liquids from your last week’s coffee run or other beverage your passengers have brought inside the car and they end up spilling it everywhere.
  • Food that has gone bad; you can also bacteria in the process
  • Cigarette smoke or cigarette butts left on the nook and cranny of the car seat
  • If your car smells like a rotten egg, it might be a broken catalytic converter. They emanate a Sulphur smell

If you smell any of this, then it’s time to resort an odor neutralizer service from us. From old musty smells to water leaks that may seem too stubborn to eliminate, we got you covered.

Protecting Your Vehicle’s Interior

Sometimes these factors can be unavoidable, but there are ways to keep the dirt, grime, and spill at bay provided that you are devoted in taking care of your car. Here are some tips to keep your protected from the elements.

  • Have a brush or cloth handy to remove crumbs and dirt accumulating on your car seat, dashboard, floor, and corners of your car.
  • Buy a car air freshener to keep your car smelling fresh.
  • During winter or rainy days, immediately clear out your car’s floor or carpet for mud and snow.
  • If you have kids, tell them to clean up after they eat or drink in the corner. Constantly letting them do this will become a habit of theirs.
  • Always check your car seats and corners for food crumbs and other debris after grocery shopping or eating takeouts during road trips.

Our Auto Deodorizing Service is Done by Professional Specialists Who Are Ready to Do Tackle Any Smell in Your Car

We have an experienced team who are specifically working on this service so rest assured that your vehicle is well-taken care of. Car deodorizing can be downright tricky and if not done right, you will still end up smelling the same odor in your car. Since odors are hidden in plain sight, it’s imperative that every corner of your car–from seats to even dashboard should be inspected for sources of this smell.

Sometimes the smell has embedded in your car and an air freshener just won’t cut. This is where our team comes in. We have the latest equipment to help get rid of that bad odor that has been bothering you for a long time. Expect a fresh smelling interior after that process.

We Have More than Just Car Deodorizing – Our Auto Detailing Services Will Keep Your Vehicle in Great Shape

Besides our auto deodorizing service, we also offer affordable paint jobs, tire scrub, car hand wash and high quality car degreasing in New Orleans. We will make your car look good as new and we will do this through a thorough process. Your car’s exterior component is as important as its parts inside. An unpleasant smell from your car means bacteria is stagnating inside making you and your passenger prone to a number of health problems. Don’t let this happen; make sure to have it cleaned regularly.

Let us make your car shine from inside and out at NOLA Automotive Repairs.