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Tire Chrome Cleaning New Orleans - NOLA Automotive Repairs

Clean All Chrome

Clean All Chrome

Clean All Chrome

Affordable Car Chrome Detailing in New Orleans to Fit Your Budget

As a trusted auto detailing shop in New Orleans, it is our responsibility to provide clients with premier services and products for their vehicles. We have so many services to choose from, including a car chrome detailing that improves the look of your vehicle.

Auto chrome detailing has become one of the most common choices by people in terms of revamping their vehicle’s exterior. Polishing or cleaning the chrome makes a difference on how your car looks and will create an impression that you’re really taking good care of it. Plastic and real chrome are two types of chrome; if your car is from the 40’s to the 70’s chances it has real chrome in it. These days, plastics are more common choices since they’re cheaper to make and weigh less.

Affordable auto chrome detailing isn’t hard to come by as long as you choose NOLA Automotive Repairs. We have been serving clients and their vehicles for 19 years now and we are constantly developing new ways to exceed the expectation of our clients. Our auto detailing services come with a paint job, degreasing, deodorizing, chrome detailing, and cleaning.

High-Quality Auto Chrome Cleaning from Our Team of Experts

We Go Above and Beyond

We have specialists in charge of autochrome detailing who are experienced, skilled, and dedicated we will assure you that they will provide you with excellent service for your vehicle. We take pride in our team and our services because, without them, we won’t be able to give you the right help for your vehicle.

We will ensure to improve your car’s appearance through our chrome cleaning service that boasts of quality. As a trusted auto shop in the city, it’s our job to make sure that you are satisfied with our services and that you have a smooth and safe drive the minute you step out of our shop. Safety is one of our priorities, too—that’s why we run standard checks and do a thorough diagnostic process before working on your vehicle. We will take care of your car as if it’s our own.

Our professional chrome cleaning is more than just scrubbing with water; we make sure to clean every nook and cranny of your car, truck or van before wheeling them out of our shop. This is one of the ways we exceed the expectations of our clients. We want to go above and beyond in more ways than one.

More Reason to Keep Your Vehicle Clean

NOLA Automotive Repairs also offers the following auto detail services to keep your car or truck constantly looking new and clean.

Degreasing – Grease is one of the harmful elements that make any vehicle engine malfunction. Get rid of all those clumps of grease by availing of this service to keep your engine running smoothly.

Deodorize – Keep your car smelling clean all day long with our deodorizing service. No one says that cleaning a vehicle’s interior is easy. Let our team help you with that!

Polish Light Scratches – Studies show that a significant number of vehicular accidents are caused by a defective or dim headlight. Such issues happen when the lights have been scratched to the point that light can reflect through it.

We have more quality auto detailing services in New Orleans so make sure to check all of them to know which ones you really need for your vehicle.

A Trusted Car Vehicle Chrome Service is Right Here at NOLA Automotive Repairs

We understand the importance of keeping your car in good condition. Our services cover all the bases be it repair or replacement. We also take note of making your car’s interior and exterior clean, minus the costly services. If you’re looking for a vehicle service on a budget, NOLA Automotive Repairs is the best place to go to.

Whether you want a fresh paint job for your car or have your chrome cleaned, we are always ready to assist you. We have various auto detailing services that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, we are always open to negotiate; we believe that everyone deserves excellent service from our shop. So come on over and see us in action. Let us take care of your car from start to finish.