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When NOLA Automotive Repairs first opened its doors in 2000, there were countless news reports happening at the time covering shady practices in the car mechanic industry.

We knew we could do better.
Before NOLA Automotive Repairs even opened, our small team at the time came together to discuss how we could approach things differently. During these talks, we came up with a mission objective that would separate us from the deceptive and dishonest business practices that were so prevalent at the time.

Statement of Mission

The NOLA Automotive Repairs mission has three parts:

  1. Provide New Orleans the BEST automotive care in the region.
  2. NEVER overcharge our clients.
  3. Treat everyone with RESPECT and provide excellent customer service at all times.

In line with the NOLA Automotive Repairs mission outlined above, we only use quality parts and offer warranties on each of the services we provide.

Thanks to the unique way that we approach our car repair services in New Orleans, we have developed a reputation around the city. We’re known for being honest with our customers while providing excellence in value in the services we offer.

We are here to change the way people look at our industry, one customer at a time. And, with the wonderful responses and reviews, we have received over the years, we are certain that we truly are making a difference in the way that people approach their automotive care.

Core Values

For us at NOLA Automotive Repairs, it was our core values that dictated how we would develop our mission statement. We truly want to help those who live in the neighborhoods we service and this city that we all love so much.

Our core values are as follows:

  1. HonestyTo only offer services the customer needs
  2. IntegrityTo offer long-term repairs rather than haphazard fixes
  3. DedicationTo get the job done on time to the best of our abilities
  4. Consistency So return customers can always expect the best
  5. Mastery To keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies

Goals and Objectives

Taking the NOLA Automotive Repair mission and core values into account, it should almost be easy to guess what our goals and objectives are. In all honesty, our goals are basically parallel to our statement of mission.

Here at NOLA Automotive Repairs, we only have two goals when it comes to the services we provide:

  1. Be fully honest with customers while providing only the best service with quality parts.
  2. Give each of our customers a valid reason to become return customers.

The second rule there might seem like it’s not in-line with the mission and core values discussed above, but, on the same note, we don’t want people returning to our New Orleans car mechanic shop simply because we’re the closest one in their area.

Sure, that might get a few people through our doors, but we want people to come to our location because we’re the best in the industry, not simply for locational convenience.